11/2-5/2019 Dr. Curtiss, Dr. Jacob and Dr. Swain attended 2019 CRAWD Conference in Chicago. Congratulations!

Published: November 12th, 2019

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CRWAD 2019 — The 100th Annual Conference of Research Workers in Animal Diseases (CRWAD)

They did oral presentations in Session Vaccines and Vaccinology.

R. Curtiss, S. Wanda, S. Wang, Availability of Protective Immunity Enhanced Salmonella Vaccine vectors for antigen and DNA vaccine delivery

B. Swain, R.C. Findly, R. Curtiss III,  Regulated lysis E. piscicida vaccine vector system to deliver I-antigen of I. multifiliis (Ich) to protect fish

J.M. Jacob, V. Aguilera1, S. Wanda1, S. Wang1, R. Curtiss III, : Developing a protective immunity enhanced Salmonella vaccine against Brucella melitensis using the Bp26 antigen